Michael Ferrara

"As a former student of Alejo Duque’s, I offer the highest possible recommendation of his services for guitar tuition.  Not only has he mastered his craft through the continuous study of music at top institutions worldwide, he is also an extraordinary guitarist whose skill in genres ranging from classical to rock and everything in between is simply breathtaking.  But unlike many guitarists who think that simply being able to play the guitar qualifies one as a teacher, Alejo also has exceptional teaching ability and can effectively communicate the fundamentals of guitar playing to students of all levels.  

I was an absolute beginner when I was lucky enough to find Alejo as a teacher, and under his careful guidance, progressed faster then I would have ever imagined.  With his extensive classical guitar training, he is able to break down the essentials of music theory and structure in a way that is easily understandable to students.  Rather than just teaching a series of notes, chords and rifts, Alejo gives his students all the necessary tools to truly understand music, and thus be able to teach themselves anything they could ever want to play.    

He’s also one of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and his patience with new players, encouragement of his students, and determination for you to succeed knows no bounds.  Rather than one-size-fits-all guitar lessons or group classes, Alejo works with each of his students to create a lesson plan that suits their individual needs and the style(s) of music they are hoping to learn.

Perhaps most important, Alejo simply loves teaching guitar and is driven by a deep passion to share his love of music with his students. Whether you are hoping to learn classical guitar, rock, blues, jazz or a bit of everything, I can assure you with absolute confidence that you’ll never regret choosing Alejo as your teacher."    

Michael Ferrara.

Michael Richards

"Alejandro started teaching me the classical guitar, as a complete beginner aged 62, in January 2010.Through his patience and understanding, and his attention to detail with good technique, my journey has progressed to the stage where I am sitting AMEB Grade 3 in December. Alejandro is an excellent teacher for all ages and standards"

Dr. Michael Richards.


“I thought you were a wonderful teacher.  You inspired me to play my guitar to my limits and taught me all the chords from quite a few songs. Sometimes when you came I wanted to play with my friends, but when we started I had great fun and I did not want to play with my friends anymore.  You taught me all the basics and some slightly tricky things which now means I can play really good tunes.  Like “O Sweet child of mine” and “Stairway to heaven”.  

And therefore I recommend you  to other pupils”.


“From the parent – I would say that you inspired Archie to play.  I never had to ask him to practise.  He just wanted to learn the tunes.  Teaching chords as part of tunes, was an enjoyable way of learning. You gave him so much confidence and pushed him along at a good pace.  You really believed he could achieve and he learned so quickly.  

We really miss the way you taught Archie and we don't  see the progress in Archie we saw with you. Archie now plays in a school rock band and he is the lead guitar and plays any solo's  He is 10 years old”.

Una Parkes

Julian Pulvermacher

 “Having dabbled in music on and off for many years, it wasn’t going to be easy to start the process yet again with a completely new instrument. But the moment I met Alejo, I knew that learning the classical guitar was going to be a fantastic experience. I haven’t had that feeling often in my life, but the following year proved me right. Patience, understanding, knowledge, teaching skills, discipline, flexibility, encouragement and humour all combine in Alejo to provide a musical and cultural learning that has enriched my life. Alejo is an amazing teacher and human being…”

Julian Pulvermacher. 


Kate Lund




Jeremy Laing

Malcom Chesney

Mary and Anabell

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